Why chase the dream?

Project SKY BIKE LANES_Family__Image by 123rf(dot)com

Let’s talk about the BENEFITS.

In an ideal world, everyone–including bikers–should be respected on the road. Let’s continue working toward that ideal world.

In the meantime, life is much too precious to be wasted by polluted air, horrendous traffic, and unnecessary accidents. We’d share the findings of our team during the pre-feasibility and feasibility stages. In the meantime, here are the benefits in the simplest terms.

Environmental benefits

  • Safer and widely-connected bike lanes will lead to more users, reducing number of fossil-fueled vehicles on the road, thereby reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Biking generally causes lower negative impacts on the environment (compared with using vehicles, for example)

Health and wellness benefits

  • Biking is a good form of exercise, promoting wellness and better health status
  • Cleaner air (assuming lower emission from fossil-fired vehicles) lowers respiratory-related illnesses and contributes significantly to general wellness
  • Less time spent on the road means more time to spend with loved ones or pursue personal goals and activities

Economic benefits

  • Biking (especially for short and manageable distances) is more efficient and makes travel faster
  • Lesser cars on the roads (assuming an increase in the  number of bikers) improves the flow of traffic
  • Lesser traffic improves over-all productivity
  • Biking-focused infrastructure drives other businesses (e.g., bike retail, innovative bike-for-rent schemes, shower/changing facilities, cafe/kiosks, etc.)

Imagine Metro Manila where the air is cleaner, traffic is less chaotic, and you can bike safely and happily anytime of the day? This project is built on that dream.

Join us. Let’s make this dream a REALITY.

Project SKY BIKE LANES_Family__Image by 123rf(dot)com

[Image credit: Special thanks 123rf(dot)com for the temporary image used here. If you think the credit given here is erroneous, please contact me. Thank you so much for the nice art work.]