P&P (Pedaling & Pitching!)

Life is like riding a bicyle_Image by 8Tracksdotcom

Care for some pedaling and pitching?!

If you think there are awesome events where we can come together, talk about biking (and what-nots), and possibly pitch the idea to like-minded souls and earth-lovers, please drop me a line!

I am also excited to share the preliminary results of the survey (n=250), which are among the bases of my thesis for the program, Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management of the University of the Philippine Open University.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank the Asian Development Bank and ACEF Team for allowing me to talk about this during the:


Please drop by again for more pitching and networking events.

Life is like riding a bicyle_Image by 8Tracksdotcom

[The temporary image featured here is courtesy of 8tracks(dot)com. Please write to me if you think that this credit/attribution is erroneous. Special thanks go to the artist.]