GF4GM (Green Funds for Green Mobility)

Project SKY BIKE LANES_Image by Freepik(dot)com

Let’s talk about money–green funds, to be exact. This project requires a LOT of that.

For starters, the Dream Team needs to go through the pre-feasibility and feasibility stages. If the idea is indeed feasible, we will go through the design and construction phases. Again, these involve a huge amount of resources.

Plans for green resource mobilization, crowdsourcing, and a 3P (public-private-partnership) scheme are considered for the long haul.

However, at this stage, pledges and contribution for the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies are definitely going to rock our world!

P.s. A tree will be planted for every PhP 1,000 (USD 21) worth of contribution.

Project SKY BIKE LANES_Image by Freepik(dot)com

[Image credit: Special thanks to Freepik(dot)com for the temporary image used here. If you think the credit given here is erroneous, please contact me. Thank you so much for the nice art work.]