About the dream catcher

Project SKY BIKE LANES-Mei Velas-Suarin_On a bike

Hello! Serendipity must have brought you here.

I am an environmental and social development professional from the Philippines, where people are warm and friendly and the islands beckon you to stay a little bit longer.

Our key city, Metro Manila, may get a bad press (due to its horrendous traffic) but it is rich, intriguing, and  throbbing with excitement! It is HOME for me and the other 10 + million urbanites who continue to dream that it can be better, greener, and more livable.

There must be something special here that makes us linger, too. Whatever the reasons may be, I hope you can help me make this dream a REALITY.

Drop me an email [project.sky.bikelanes(at)gmail.com] if you have awesome ideas or simply want to say hi.


Mary Anne Velas-Suarin

P.s. You can find some more goodies in my blog, meiLBOX and Instagram.