About this project

Project SKY BIKE LANES_Homepage_Sketch by Mei Velas-Suarin [1]

This is about a dream.

A dream about building sky (elevated) bicycle lanes, with solar panels, in Metro Manila.*  A dream about creating a city that is greener, healthier, and more livable.

A dream where every biker feels safe and protected while on the road.

As in every dream, every little step should matter. I, therefore, invite you to make this dream a reality, and together, let us build a city that truly embraces us all.

To know more about how this dream began, please read this article, Of skyways and serendipitous moments – envisioning sky bike lanes for Metro Manila.

To answer the survey through which I can begin the pre-feasibility study, please send your feedback through Survey – Project: SKY BIKE LANES.

UPDATE [as of 11 Jul 2018]: I have completed my master’s thesis (as part of a pre-feasibility stage) and would be sharing the preliminary results of the survey through a blog post here, in Linkedin, and in my other personal website, Meilbox. Thank you so much to our God Almighty for his ever-present light & guidance, my family especially my husband (JR), my mentors in UPOU, and to all you wonderful friends and respondents!


*Among other things, the first stage (master’s project/thesis) calculated expected reduction in motorized traffic volume and GHG emissions, based on preliminary survey results (n=250). The full FS shall continue the estimations–based on complete survey results (n=385)–as well as include an estimation of likely health and economic impacts. Please feel free to download the flyer (Project Brief) here: Project SKY BIKE LANES_FLYER [Project Brief]_Velas-Suarin_Jun 2018

Project SKY BIKE LANES_Homepage_Sketch by Mei Velas-Suarin [1]

[Image credit: I have done the watercolor sketch on this page but I’d like to send special thanks to Helga Jaunegg for the inspiration. View more of her art works at Dribbble(dot)com.]