About this project

Project SKY BIKE LANES_Homepage_Sketch by Mei Velas-Suarin [1]

This is about a dream.

A dream about building sky (elevated) bicycle lanes, with solar panels, in Metro Manila.*  A dream about creating a city that is greener, healthier, and more livable.

A dream where every biker feels safe and protected while on the road.

As in every dream, every little step should matter. I, therefore, invite you to make this dream a reality, and together, let us build a city that truly embraces us all.

To know more about how this dream began, please read this article, Of skyways and serendipitous moments – envisioning sky bike lanes for Metro Manila.

To answer the survey through which I can begin the pre-feasibility study, please send your feedback through Survey – Project: SKY BIKE LANES.

*Among other things, the first stage (feasibility study) will calculate expected reduction in motorized traffic volume and GHG emissions as well as health and economic impacts that will hopefully be realized should the sky bike lanes are built. Please feel free to download the flyer (Project Brief] here: Project SKY BIKE LANES_FLYER [Project Brief]_1 Jun 2016

Project SKY BIKE LANES_Homepage_Sketch by Mei Velas-Suarin [1]

[Image credit: I have done the watercolor sketch on this page but I’d like to send special thanks to Helga Jaunegg for the inspiration. View more of her art works at Dribbble(dot)com.]